Health Benefits

Silica Laden Mineral Water

The health benefits of mineral water have been known for centuries. Throughout history people have bathed in such springs for their medicinal properties. When consumed, mineral water is believed to improve blood circulation, replenish the body’s electrolytes, boosts bone mineral density and detoxify the body as a natural diuretic. The particular mineral composition of the water determines its relevant health benefits; Village Well Noosa Mineral Water is particularly rich in silica.

Silica is marketed as the beauty mineral for fabulous skin, hair and nails but it actually does so much more. As the essential component of collagen, this mineral is what holds us all together. Without silica the human body would literally fall apart. When we are young, our body absorbs and supports high levels of silica, but as the ageing process takes hold, minerals like silica deplete.

The benefits of silica are therefore many, and it has an immediate relationship with mineral absorption. Silica not only works to enhance the remineralisation of the bone tissue, helping to ensure calcium and other minerals are deposited into the bones, but also balances the ratio of calcium and magnesium within the body. Joints and muscles rely on silica to stay healthy as do teeth and gums, but of greater importance is its role in heart, immune, bone and digestive health.

Lengthy studies conducted by Keele University’s Prof. Chris Exley have revealed exciting potential for silica laden mineral waters in the area of neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Research indicates that drinking a litre of such water daily assists in the removal of excess aluminium from the body; which has been identified as a potential cause of such diseases.

In the case of Alzheimer’s, the Professor and his team discovered that drinking mineral water rich in silica over a period of only 3 months produced significant improvements in cognitive function minus any nasty side effects.

Brain Health

Healthy skin, hair & nails

Better mineral absorption

Joints & muscles rely on silica

Healthy teeth & gums

Heart & immune health

Digestive health